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2/14/2007 - Important Utility Reminder



The location of utilities can be a problem when considering home improvements or construction.  Homeowners are reminded of the importance of the need to contact One Call prior to any construction, but especially those involving decks, additions, patios or fencing that could be in the vicinity of utilities.  In most cases, when a conflict with utilities arises, the homeowner is responsible for the cost to relocate the utilities.  By identifying the need to relocate the utilities in the planning process, the customer can attempt to avoid the cost of relocation, which will be necessary once the conflict arises.  When an unsafe situation is discovered, the only option is to disconnect the service or relocate it at the homeowner’s expense and inconvenience.


All utility locations, including electric and gas service, can be easily identified by utilizing the New Jersey State mandated markout process.  New Jersey State law requires everyone who digs or excavates to call the New Jersey One Call Center at (800) 272-1000.