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1/25/2016 - Blizzard of 2016 - Message from Mayor Medany and Township Council

Blizzard of 2016

This is a report of the aftermath of one of the most severe winter storms we have had in recent memory. We applaud our Public Works crews and their supervisors in conjunction with our Police, MUA, Fire District and EMT services. This was a most difficult storm to keep the roads open and passable. It was amazing that they cleared over 500 local roads and made them passable by Sunday morning.

The first priority in a blizzard of this proportion is to ensure that our public safety vehicles can get out for emergencies and calls. The preparation started Wednesday with crews placing brine solution on all arterial and most local roads. We were well prepared with 24 plows when the snow hit.  Other crews with snow blowers and salt were keeping buildings and roads safe and clear. We also had a command center manned 24 hours during the storm.

We avoided any major incidents by proper planning but trouble spots are cars parked on snow routes. While we realize some folks do not have driveways or cannot fit all their cars in certain sections, anyone who has the ability to get their vehicle off the road must do it or face a fine. We actually had several spots where there were boats and trailers on the shoulder and plows could not navigate the street. Plowing is a very intense and difficult job and we need to give them every opportunity to get the roads open.

We also thank everyone for their patience and the help they gave their neighbors in this storm. The outpouring of neighborly help was tremendous and it was a great community effort. We are back to normal this week and while the snow can be a beautiful sight, let's hope that's the last one this year!