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4/24/2019 - Deptford Township Community Gardens at Andaloro Farm


Do you have a green thumb, or wish you did, and don’t have space for a garden?  Deptford Township Mayor & Council are proud to present the 3rd year at Deptford Community Gardens at Andaloro Farm.  This Spring you can start your own garden by renting a plot at Andaloro Farm located on 138 Andaloro Way in Deptford, NJ. 

Individuals, families and gardening enthusiasts who need or want a plot of ground with very rich soil to grow their own vegetables are encouraged to participate in this exciting opportunity.  Parking, water and the opportunity to grow fresh plants, herbs and vegetables is provided.  If you have absolutely no experience in gardening, this is perfect for you!  Come and learn, enjoy the farm atmosphere, and meet other gardening enthusiasts.  Volunteers are needed to provide knowledge and guidance to both new and seasoned gardeners. 

To join Deptford Community Gardens and apply for a garden plot, please fill out the registration form with a check made payable to Deptford Township and mail to the address below or email to

Deptford Community Gardens
1011 Cooper Street
Deptford, NJ  08096

Registration Forms:

2019 Garden Plot Registration, Rules & Regulations

2019 Garden Plot Map

Registration is also available in-person in the Parks and Recreation Department at the Municipal Building. 

New gardeners are limited to one (1) plot at registration.  Deptford Township residents are given first preference; non-residents are put on a list. 

- 2 Plot Sizes:  15' x 15' or 30’ x 30’ 
- Garden Location: 138 Andaloro Way, Deptford Township, NJ
- Fees:  Plot fee 15' x 15' $10.00 (residents) or $20.00 (non-residents)
             Plot fee 30' x 30' 
$20.00 (residents) or $40.00 (non-residents)

The fee is required to be paid in full before plot assignment.  The fees will help to offset farm maintenance.  A refundable* clean-up deposit of $10.00 is also required before the plot can be assigned.  *The clean-up deposit will be returned in the Fall after you have removed all of your plants and cleaned your plot.

For additional information please email or call the Parks & Recreation Department at (856) 845-0804.