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With online billing, you can view and pay your bill's open balance online as well as view the past 3 months payment and read history.

Contact DTMUA (856-415-1111) to obtain your account's PIN for access.

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DTMUA is offering a paperless billing option for its water and/or sewer customers. Instead of Receiving a paper bill, you can receive an email notifying you that your bill is ready along with an attached PDF file version of your bill. That bill looks just like the paper bill you are already accustomed to receiving.

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Director's Message

As Executive Director, I want to welcome you to the Deptford Township Municipal Utilities Authority's web site.  This site will allow our customers to obtain information about the DTMUA anytime day or night.  It will also give you a direct connection via email to a DTMUA customer service representative and myself.  The website has important information about the DTMUA as well as links to other sites of interest.

The DTMUA is located at 898 Cattell Road in Deptford Township.  The DTMUA continues to supply the community with quality water and sewer service since 1960.  The Authority‚Äôs ability to employ the latest technology assures its customers the highest standards in water and sewer service.  Currently the DTMUA provides 11,000+ residential, commercial and municipal customers water and sewer services.  The DTMUA also provides fire protection services in the Township of Deptford.

The DTMUA offers the highest quality of water and sewer services, customer service, a website and Debit payment service ability.   In this high technological era coupled with your busy schedules, the DTMUA advanced into the next phase of customer service and offers payment of your water and sewer bills with automatic debit services.  You may obtain information and an application form on this website to activate your debit service for your account.  We hope this service will assist you in the prompt automatic payment of your utility bills.

We appreciate your comments, ideas and concerns.  You may contact us by email or forward them in writing to me at DTMUA, Mr. Michael J. Cusick, P.O. Box 5506, Deptford, New Jersey 08096.

Very Truly Yours,

Michael J. Cusick
Executive Director

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