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Deptford Notices

12/15/2022 - Recycling Alert



Are You Guilty Or Not Guilty?


Check out the very short list below and please educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

This is a direct cost to you! Go on our website or go to the county website to learn how to recycle correctly.

DO:                                                                                DON’T:

Newspapers                                                                    NO Liquids

Cardboard                                                                      Caps or Lids

Glass Bottles                                                                  Light Bulbs

Aluminum Cans                                                              Styrofoam

Clean Pizza Boxes                                                             Food Waste

Plastic #1 & #2 Containers                                                Scrap Metal                                             

                                                                                        Shredded Paper

                                                                                        Flattened Containers

Recycling is NJ state law. All residences and business must recycle.  Recycling conserves natural resources and when we contaminate recycling containers with the wrong material there is a substantial cost to the municipality, and to the residents and businesses. We are asking for your help!