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Snow Removal



It is extremely important to keep parked cars off the streets during snowstorms. Your cooperation will enable Township crews to clear the snow adequately from the streets. Snow storms can be stressful for everyone. Please be patient to allow our crews to effectively and safely complete snow removal.


Snow Removal


The Township of Deptford needs the help of its citizens to efficiently remove snow and ice from the roadways. We need everyone to keep all vehicles off the street. This includes all registered vehicles and trailers. We intend to plow curb to curb when possible. We have over 500 roads to plow locally and we need 100% cooperation. The following describes the Township's method of snow removal and what you can do to help.

  • The main roadways (those that carry the most traffic) are given first priority for salting and plowing.  During a heavy snowfall, concentration is placed on the main roadways until they are cleared at which time the secondary roads are attended to.  Cul-de-sacs, or circles, are the last to be plowed.
  • Cul-de-sacs are among the most difficult streets to plow and require the greatest amount of time.  The Public Works department prefers to push the snow off the road leaving the cul-de-sac free from snow piles that could melt and cause icing conditions.  This greatly reduces hazardous conditions and prevents pot holes from forming.
  • Public Works does not deploy our plows until snow reaches 4 inches or more. Snowfall is evaluated on an hourly basis.
  • The Public Works department trucks plow as close to the curb-line as possible which creates a wider roadway for travel and parking.  During heavier snowfalls, there are times when snow may get pushed into already cleared driveways and sidewalks.   Following the diagram below when shoveling your driveway will help avoid the driveway getting closed during plowing:
  • The snow that is in front of a plow will unload whenever it passes a clear area. Providing a clear area on the side of the driveway where the plow will be traveling, will allow the snow to unload in the clearing before your driveway instead of in your driveway.
  • Cars parked on the street become a major problem during inclement winter weather.  As the plow goes around the parked vehicles, it leaves piles of snow on the roadway.  To avoid this, please remove vehicles from the street during snowstorms, in accordance with Township Ordinance.
  • Please avoid driving when it is not absolutely necessary during snow plowing operations.  Snow plowing, that is normally a routine function, becomes difficult with stalled, stuck or parked cars in the street.
Please do not throw snow into the street from your sidewalk and driveway.


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