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MUA Board Members

The governing body of the Authority consists of five members and two alternates, each of whom are appointed for five-year terms on a staffed basis by Council of the Township of Deptford. The present Members, their offices on the Authority’s Board and the expiration dates of their terms as Members are as follows:

Member Authority Office Expiration of Term

Linda M. Tramo

Chairperson January 31, 2025


Patrick Medany

Vice Chairperson January 31, 2026

Daniel Reed

Secretary/ Treasurer January 31, 2029

Board Member Ruby Love

Ruby Johnson

Board Member   January 31, 2028

Joseph Sacerdote

Joseph Sacerdote

 Board Member  January 31, 2027

Gregory Thelen

Alternate Member #1 January 31, 2025

Edward Kalinowski

Edward Kalinowski

Alternate Member #2 January 31, 2025