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Mission Statement

General Information

The Deptford Township Municipal Utilities Authority (DTMUA) is an independent authority which was created in June 30, 1960 by Ordinance of the Township of Deptford under New Jersey State Municipal Utilities Authorities Law P.L. 1957, c. 183, s. 1, c40:14B-2 et seq. 1.

The Authority was created for the purpose of constructing and operating a sanitary sewerage system for the collection and disposal of wastewater and a water supply and distribution system within the Township of Deptford in the County of Gloucester, New Jersey.

The Authority has broad powers under the Act including, among others, the following: to hold, operated and administer its property; provide for bonds and secure their payment and rights to holders thereof; to charge and collect user fees to ensure the revenues of the Authority will at all times be adequate to pay all operating and maintenance expenses, including reserves, insurance, extensions and replacements, and to pay the principal and interest on any bonds, maintain such reserves or sinking funds therefore as may be required by the terms of any contract of the Authority; and to make and enforce rules and regulations for the management of its business and affairs.

A schedule of capital projects, based on criteria need has been established and tabulated for fiscal years 2021 to 2026 and is presented annually to the Board members for approval.

It should not be construed that costs as presented in the report have been developed from detailed studies and plans, but rather factors conventional in preparing preliminary budgets.  Prior to implementation of a capital project in any fiscal year, costs will be developed based on detailed data before the annual budget is prepared and presented to the Authority for their review, comment, adjustment and approval.



The governing body of the Authority consists of five members and two alternates, each of whom appointed for five-year terms on a staffed basis by Council of Deptford Township.  The present Members, their offices on the Authority’s Board and the expiration dates of their terms as Members are as follows:

Members Authority Office Expiration of Term
Linda M. Tramo Chairperson January 31, 2025
Daniel Reed Secretary/Treasurer January 31, 2029
Patrick Medany Vice Chairperson January 31, 2026
Ruby Love Board Member January 31, 2028
Joseph Sacerdote Board Member January 31, 2027
Gregory Thelen Alternate Member #1 January 31, 2025
Edward Kalinowski Alternate Member #2 January 31, 2025
Staff Authority Office
Michael J. Cusick Executive Director
Marmero Law Group Solicitor
CME Associates Consulting Engineer

The Authority currently employs 22 full-time employees.



The primary goal of the Authority is to provide a safe potable water and sanitary sewer system to its users in a cost-effective manner. Achieving this goal requires maximizing of revenue from sources other then user charges such as investing funds to obtain the most favorable interest yield available. In addition, adjustment of connection fees, in accordance with the appropriate requirements of the Statutes, so new users pay their fair share of capital costs borne by others. Further, funds for the water and sewer systems must be adequate to maintain the operating systems in good working condition including replacement of infrastructure components when necessary.  Funding of capital additions is essential to meet the orderly growth and demands of the Township.

The Authority may at any time enlarge, alter or improve the System or renew or replace any part thereof, but the Authority shall not construct or acquire, and nothing in the Service Contract shall be deemed to require the Authority to construct or acquire, any extension or any sewer or water main other than a connection from a property fronting on the System or having reasonable access.

The Township of Deptford, incorporated in 1695, contains over 17 square miles, and is located just southeast of the center of Philadelphia.  While the Township is still primarily residential in nature substantial commercial developments along the many highways that traverse the Township makes Deptford the shopping Mecca of Gloucester County.

An efficient system of highways, railroads and airlines is readily accessible.  Interstate 295, route 42 the North South Freeway, and the Atlantic City Expressway reinforce the New Jersey Turnpike System and assure rapid travel to all portions of New Jersey.  Routes 42, 130, 76 and 295 provide direct access from the Township to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Walt Whitman Bridge and the Commodore Barry Bridge – three gateways to the vast Philadelphia market place.  Route 55, which was completed in 1985, connects Route 42 in Camden County to Route 40 in Southern Gloucester County and improves traveling within the County.  The Delaware River Port Authority’s high-speed rail transit line to Camden and Philadelphia International Airport is within twenty minutes traveling time from the Township.



The Township’s current population is 30,561 and is only approximately 60% developed and based on present land zoning and planning the anticipated build out total population is projected as 40,000.